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99th Infantry Battalion (Separate)

The Viking Battalion

The story of the 99th Infantry Battalion on DVD.

By Steinar Hybertsen

Click here to purchase the DVD.


The 99th Battalion

Gerd Nyquist

Aperture Press, 2014

(buy on Amazon) Paperback
(buy on Amazon) Hardcover

Canal Drive

Robert Antoni Pisani

Antoni Pisani Publishing

(buy on Amazon) Paperback

Red Wells, An American Soldier in World War II

Sharon Wells Wagner

Book Surge Publishing, 2006

(buy on Amazon) Paperback
(buy on Amazon) Hardcover

Bataljon 99 (Norwegian)

Gerd Nyquist

Aschehoug, 1981


Company "D" - United States Army

Sgt John Kelly

Kirstes Boktrykkeri, Oslo 1945


99th Infantry Battalion US Army

Howard R. Bergen

Emil Moestue, Oslo 1945



The home page of Harold Plank—Company "C"

This is the home page of one of the 99th Infantry Battalions own soldiers, the late Harold Plank, Who served in Company "C". Plank was a Naval Gunfire spotter and landed with the 2nd Ranger Battalion on D-Day, and was later transferred to the 99th Battalion. His booklet can be downloaded from his website for free.


Red Wells, An American Soldier in World War II Canal Drive The 99th BattalionI The 99th BattalionI

Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum

Decorah, Iowa


This museum also has a nice exhibit about the 99th Battalion (Separate), with uniforms, militaria, artifacts, etc donated to them by the Battalion.

U.S. Army


The official website of the United States Army


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William Colby article on NORSO ops in Norway

Read the personal account of Maj. William E. Colby of behind-the-lines OSS sabotage operations in Norway during World War II. Many men from the 99th Battalion (Separate) were selected for service in the OSS. Click here to read ariticle.

Norway During World War 2


Excellent website about Norway during World War 2, in both English and Norwegian.  The website includes a page on the 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) and also has an excellent forum.

Sons of Norway


Sons of Norway is the largest Norwegian American organization in the World.

United States Embassy—Norway


This is the official webpage of the US Embassy in Norway.

The Royal Family—Norway


This is the official website of the Royal Family in Norway.  The website is in both Norwegian and English.

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The Town of Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium

These were some of the towns that the 99th Infantry Battalion liberated during the Canal Drive in 1944.  Today they are close partners with the 99th in preserving it’s history.

“Little Detroit” - Norway

Little Detroit is a very active group of World War 2 military vehicle enthusiasts outside of Oslo.  Their motor pool is considerable, and is being kept at an old Army base which they now rent.  This is a “mechanic’s heaven”!  They are good friends of the 99ers and are helping us to keep  our history alive. 


The official website for Norway in the United States.

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Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge

The Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge (VBOB) is a membership organization instituted to:

· Perpetuate the memory of the sacrifices involved during the Battle of the Bulge.

· Preserve historical data and sites relating to the Battle of the Bulge.

· Foster international peace and goodwill.

Promote friendship among the survivors of the Battle of the Bulge and their descendants.